Dark Link from The Legend Of Zelda; Knockall's Wrath. He is unlike link in many ways the most apperent is his vocal abiltys having some of the longest speechs in the game.

History Edit

he was created near the begining of the story using link as a median and two ancient relics. After knockall left hyrule he had intended Dark Link to kill the 7 Sages but knockall underestimated his independence and Dark Link attempted to kill only one sage.

Motives Edit

Dark Link decided he would build his own evil kingdom. one that could conquer even Knockall's empire. Another thing he seeks to do is stop the one who he was created from. Link and Dark Link face each other many times with Dark Link seemingly posseing more power but a certain death fight is avoided until the 9th dungeon where he serves as the 10th boss.

Strength Edit

He appears to be extremly strong but weak aganest the power of the sages. He posses all the same weapons as Link except light blade and light arrows. His sword also appears to be able to poisen people with darkness. He may be the most difficult boss in the games story.

Story Edit

After his creation he entered the temple of time to try and kill the sage of light. However when he was there he began to think about who he was and why he had to follow Knockall. After beating the unawakened Rauru into submission he waited for Link to appear. He faught and defeated Link but was inturn defeated by Rauru when he became a sage. It is thought that he then travled the land looking for ways to increase his power. He is not seen until after the fifth dungeon where he again attacks and indures link but is again defeated by a sage. His next apperance is in front of the decku tree where Dark Link decides his battle with Link would be faught some where else. He travels to the great temple and single handedly conquers it and attempts to gain the triforce of courage. The pedistl will not grant him the triforce and he resolves that Link is the destined one for courage and the only way to gain it would be to kill Link. Again he waits for Link to appear.

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