Dark Link
Dark link
Aliases The Reject (Jakes nickname)
Timeline Base TP
Age Same age as Link (about 19-20)
Gender Male
Species Human
Race/Tribe/Ethnicity Hylian appearance
Hometown Unkown
Family/Clan Link (Light Side)
Title and Rank none
Group none
Weapons Dark Sword
Special Abilities Invunerable, teleporting
Introduced In The Legend of Zelda: Blades of Power
Stories Featured In The Legend of Zelda: Blades of Power
Author(s) Twilitlink

Blades of PowerEdit

Dark Link slaughters all of Clock Town whent the story begins. He then appears to either be participating or leading an attack on Ordon Village. He is a master swordsman and possesses the Triforce of Power, making him virtually invunerable. He appears to be the same Dark Link that the The Hero of Time fought many years ago.

weapons and clothingEdit


Dark Sword


The same as Link only black


Dark Link is brutal, and unmerciful. He finds great pleasure in fighting skilled opponents. Whenever an enemy manages to wound him he will laugh and praise them for their skill. He appeared to have an alliance with Dagon, which ended when Dagon had fulfilled his "purpose". He is also the only one who doesn't physically show that Jake's nicknames annoy him.


Dark Link is a master swordsman. He is near invunerable due to his possesion of the Triforce of Power. He can also Teleport short distances.

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