Dark Link
Dark Legacy Link Portrait
Aliases Link
Age 17
Gender Male
Species Hylian (genetic basis)
Race/Tribe/Ethnicity Hylian (genetic basis)
Loyal To Ganon (initial)
Self (amnesia)
Hyrule (redeemed)
Hometown None (magically created)
Family/Clan Link (genetic basis)
Title and Rank Hero of Nothingness
Group Ganon's Minions (initial)
Independent (after amnesia)
Weapons Villain's Sword
Introduced In Legend of Zelda: Dark Legacy
Author(s) Somarinoa
Dark Legacy Link Sprite

This particular Dark Link is a character introduced in Legend of Zelda: Dark Legacy. Waking up and not remembering his past at all, he begins to work towards solving his amnesia, helping many along the way and battling Lord Ganon's forces. While he believes himself to be the true Link due to his outward appearance, a number of others realize immediately he is not (though a number also don't realize this). Ganon's Minions seem to all notice he is not the true Link.


As a Dark Interloper, this particular Dark Link wears black and gray clothes, though his cap has a purple brim. Two golden earrings adorn his left ear. He also possesses whitening hair and red eyes.

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