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Timeline Base Twilight Princess
Age 20
Gender Male
Species Goron

Darbus was the patriarch of the Goron tribe of Death Mountain. Along with the four elders, he kept order to the tribe. Darbus led the mining program of Death Mountain. One day, he led a mining expedition through the Goron Mines, and laid his hands upon the Fused Shadows, turning him into Twilit Inferno: Fyrus.

The four other elders did their best to seal him away in the mountain. When Link came to the mountain to retrieve the Fused Shadows, Gor Coron, one of the elders who became a proxy patriarch in his absence, requested him to go into the mountain and save Darbus. Eventually, he gathered the shards of the Big Key from the Goron elders, and made his way into Fyrus' chamber, where he defeated him in combat.

Upon defeat, Fyrus morphed back into Darbus and became patriarch once again, seemingly remembering nothing of his time as Fyrus. When Link was to go to the Hidden Village, Darbus used his strength to destroy the pile of rocks blocking the entrance from a rockslide in the area.

Darbus was a member of the Hylian Council and th represenitive for the Gorons. He was killed by Majora for power.

Legacy of the Goddesses
Link | Princess Zelda | Epona | Fierce Deity Link | Skull Kid | Midna | Darbus | Ralis | Din | Nayru | Farore

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