Coins are a unit of currency on Mudora, primarily in circulation within the lands of Byrna, Cobel, Somaria, and Zunal.

The value of a Coin is denoted by its metal, and occasionally its size, although most Coins come in a standard size, like Rupees. Generally, the greater the value, the harder they are to obtain, usually requiring more difficult tasks. The Wallet’s capacity ultimately determines how many Coins one may receive even when finding Large Coins. The following lists Coins by their values.

Although the proper international name for the gold Coin is a Hylia, Hyrulean citizens often refer to it as a Crown as a reference to the royal family of Hyrule. Coins are also commonly referred to by the metal they are made from.

Image Name Value Description
SteelCoin Link 1CoinSymbol Named for the legendary hero.
CopperCoin Din 5CoinSymbol Named for the goddess of power.
BronzeCoin Farore 10CoinSymbol Named for the goddess of courage.
SilverCoin Nayru 50CoinSymbol Named for the goddess of wisdom.
GoldCoin Hylia 100CoinSymbol Named for the goddess of destiny.

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