The TerminansEdit

The terminans are used to describe all the "human" residents of termina. The people living in clock town, romani village, and the village of the north are all considered terminans.

The terminans believe in four gods that watchover them. One to the north, south, east, and west. They worship them on the carnival of time.

Important TerminansEdit






The Gorons of TerminaEdit

The gorons in termina are similar to the ones living in hyrule. They believe in a brotherhood that binds them all together. Normally they are very friendly but recently after the fierce diety's reign they have become afraid and distrusting. The gorons at one time had an amazing system of technology they used in the temple of Snowfall, including robots and railways, but after years of abandoning the temple, except for mining, most people have forgot about it.

Notable GoronsEdit


Goron Elder

Link (after his official entrance to the goron brotherhood) Darmani's Spirit

The DekuEdit

The dekus live in the southern swamps. They are much more peaceful and well organized then the dekus in hyrule. Their monarchy rules their kingdom justly, and they have a very strict and powerful army.

When dekus die they turn into trees. The gardens in the back of the Deku Palace are actually graveyards.

Important DekusEdit

Deku Lord

Deku Princess' Spirit

Deku King's Spirit

Deku Servant's Spirit

Deku Butler's Spirit

Deku Butler's Son's Spirit

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