In the ancient land of Hyrule, a rich and vast land. Created by the goddeses, Din, Nayru, and Farrore.

The land was entering a time of political uncertainty, people just did not trust the Royal Family of Hyrule. The Reason? The rampant crime rates, theft being the most common of them. But it was a loop, Theft only increased because people wanted supplies, for the govermant had overpriced them.

Recently, Hyrule had founded two new colonies, New Hyrule and the Great Sea, and people proclaimed that a golden age would pass of peace and prospeirty. Things had not changed for the better it seemed.

A fourteen year old boy named who lived in one of Hyrules Colonies, The Great Sea, was one such who noticed the change. When grimmiaces appeared on the adults of the village where he lived, he knew something was up. He had recently intercepted a letter adressed to his neighbor telling of political news. It read-

Dear Aberaham,

The King of Hyrule has issued atax on all products shipped to the colonies, and it's use is unknown. Your hobbies of catching forest animals and fishing will be cut down. Also, the king has began to search homes for weapons, for he fears rebbelion. It is probabble that the tax is to prepare himself incase a rebellion DOES occur.

I wish You Luck

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