CHAPTER 3 Relocation

In the dark, the flames lit up the sky... But the they weren't the only things that lit up the sky. Three colored bolts shot up to the sky. One was green, one was blue and one was red...They hit the sky with great force, practicly splitting it open. Each one mirrord each other. Then, through the galexies they were sent. Morgan, Ariel and Kelsey. They would soon be reborn into three different families. The Melton family, the Pritchard-Lasky family and the Thomas family. They were still sisters however... Just not in this strange new land called Earth. The King, Queen, and two maids have done it. " Great work girls! We dont know how to express our gratitude. Our many, many thanks " The king whisperd " We're just happy we could h....-cough cough- we could -cough cough- " Becky tried to respond but couldn't, due to the dark smoke arising in the castle. " Your two need to get out of there, NOW. Do you hear me? Go run to the head of security and have them put out the great fire! As fast as you can... We cant have anything else burn to ash, especially not the castle. Go! Run! " The queen demanded. So, the servants did as they were told and luckily, were able to put out the fire before any serious damage to anything occured.

Chapter 4 ot the New Era of Sages

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