Link looked up to see a small fairy flying down from a window far above. The fairy was saying Link's name but Link knew that he had never seen this fairy before. "Link, its me i have waited for you a very long time. What you don't remember me. You must be someone else. Well I will stay with you for now. My name is Navi. I was the fairy of the great Hero of Time. I fell asleep here after we defeated Ganondorf and I can't remember a thing since then.I have some indication that we need to go out of here and straight forward." said Navi. Link then goes out of the Temple of Time onto a large forested area. He turns around to see Temple from the front but nothing is their only trees stretching for miles and miles but when he looks forward again he sees a clearing with an open tree stump which he crawls through. When he gets to the middle there is a ledge with a large hole going down far enough that Link could not see the bottom. Navi said, "I don't know why but we must do down there. Link then jumps and immediately lands on a huge flower in the side of a circular room. He looks up to see an empty blackness going on forever. He walks forward and jumps across tree stumps until he is in a room with turning walls he walked forward and went upside down then farther forward and went back to normal. He then sees a large opening. Link then walks threw it into the inside of a large machine like place with cranks and bolts everywhere. Then the door shuts behind him trapping him in. On the door were 4 marks which looked like 4 jewels could be placed in it. Link then sees another door he walks towards as he hears a twisted backwards version of a song he knows the Song of Time. He walks out of this place through the door to find out it is a Clock Tower. He walks out into the middle of a crowded city center at night. Everyone was wearing masks all of the same look just in different colors red, blue, yellow, and green. He looks up to see the time is 11:00.

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