Game-Type Fanficton is fanfiction written to be a game for the legend of zelda series.

Some characteristics of Game-Type Fanfiction are:

  • The Character Link or Zelda
  • Many dungeons/items incurred during quests
  • a writing style that is to-the-point instead of flowery and poetic
  • a finished product that could be mistaken for a walkthrough, game review, or game proposal

If you are still in doubt as to whether your fanfiction belongs to this category, here is an example:

First, an example of your run-of-the-mill, Plot-Based Fanfiction...

It was a small thing, really, barely enough to be called a disturbance in the night, but Link noticed.
Link noticed everything these days, whether he wanted to or not. He could hear the muffled voices of the
kids next door every morning, before dawn, as they giggled and ran about after the wild Cuccos. He could
hear the floorboards creak, and the spider living on the windowsill skittering about as it added even more
complex designs to its web. He could hear every hollow footstep and thump as the local merchants carted
their wares over the small footbridge into the center of town.
Sometimes it seemed to him that he heard everything and everybody in town. And sometimes he swore he
heard the whispers of something that wasn't part of Kakariko, that was barely even part of Hyrule.
Something that was ancient and angry and that wanted his fear.
But now, in this time before dawn, he lay awake, staring at the dark ceiling, not because of a half-
heard voice, not because of a insomnia-ridden villager... not because of any noise at all. No, Link was
awake, his fingers creeping towards his old, weather-beaten sword, because he could hear no noise at all...

Now, an example of your run-of-the-mill, Game-Type Fanfiction...

It is very early in the morning in Kakariko Village. Link is lying on a bed, in his house. (The lived-in
look of the room, and the worn remnants of OoT child-Link weapons hung on the walls/laying around the room
give the impression that Link has lived here for a long while.) The room is square-shaped, and the bed is
below a large window along the north-most wall. A small nightstand/table is a bit south and west of the bed.
A boomerang and slingshot are hung on the east wall, along with a Deku Shield. A Hylian Shield is on the
floor under the table. A few bottles are on the table, and so is a sword. Link looks to be around 19 years old,
and is dressed in a loose off-white tunic, and light tan pants. There are a series of flashes of his life in the
village. In all these flashes there is a background-noise of people talking and footsteps and various noises.
There is a flash of the town during a normal night, still bustling and busy. All the images of the people fade
away and an evil-sounding music begins to play. The noise suddenly stops. It is silent, and Link looks serious
and worried, as his hand moves towards the sword on the nearby nightstand. The sword is the Kokori Sword.

Hopefully that helps to clear things up a bit!

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