Z2 - 04 - Carock
Aliases Carock
Timeline Base Child's Timeline
Age Unknown
Gender Male
Species Unknown humanoid
Race/Tribe/Ethnicity Wizzrobe
Hometown Unknown
Title and Rank Warlock
Special Abilities Powerful dark magic

Carock was a servant of Ganondorf as well as the boss of Maze Island in Zelda II. He wears a large red hooded cloak that hides most of his features, save for his luminous white eyes. He was capable of casting powerful spells, but was ultimately beaten by Link.

In Shadows of OblivionEdit

Carock by Nergali

Life… how something so grand could have such humble components and origins. To have been created and designed by the divines so that they could inhabit the world they created and fill it with numerous wonders and mysteries. How many forms they take, from the great to the small, from the mundane to the exotic, and yet they have one thing in common… they are all so, oh how do you say it… oh yes, eh heh heh heh… frail!” -Carock

Carock (Master Wizzrobe) makes an appearance in this fanfic, serving as a warlock for the armies of Lord Zenith. It is unknown whether or not he is the same person from Zelda II who has some how been resurrected or a different person entirely, though the former seems likely. A powerful magician, it appears that Zenith dislikes him, though why is so far unknown. It also appears that he knew that Link would be reincarnated, and that he would also soon reveal himself, though how he learned of this is also unknown as of yet.

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