Bugs are small insects that can be bottled and used for various purposes.

Name Icon Description Found
Deku Hornet DekuHornet A forest insect that delivers a painful sting. If you spot a hive, watch out! Forest areas
Blue Boon BlueBoon These large bee-like insects do not rely on venomous stings to deter predators and other unwanted creatures from their territory; Instead, they drop rocks and other objects on passerby. Boon honey is highly sought after. Overworld
Blessed Butterfly BlessedButerfly Found throughout the overworld, the Blessed Butterfly is said to bestow good luck to those who happen upon them. Overworld
Torch Moth TorchMoth A common sight in the dark places of the world, these pestiferous creatures swarm around torch-light and violently bite passing creatures that stray too close. Overworld at night, caves.
Gerudo Dragonfly GerudoDragonfly A desert insect that will fly far to escape capture. Creep up on it to catch it. Desert areas
Starry Firefly StarryFirefly A glowing Skyloft insect that only comes out at night. Its beauty is said to calm the mind. Forest areas
Woodland Rhino Beetle WoodlandRhinoBeetle A slow forest bug that is easy to catch. Roll into trees to knock it down. Forest areas
Volcanic Ladybug VolcanicLadybug A volcano-dwelling insect often spotted in groups. It moves little and is easy to catch. Eldin Province
Sand Cicada SandCicada A desert insect that is quick to fly away. Deemed the most difficult insect to catch. Desert areas
Sky Stag Beetle SkyStagBeetle An insect native to Skyloft. It's very popular with children. Skyloft
Faron Grasshopper FaronGrasshopper A valuable and hard-to-catch forest insect that will leap away when in danger. Faron Province
Lanayru Grasshopper LanayruGrasshopper A valuable and hard-to-catch wetland insect that will leap away when in danger. Lanayru Province
Gerudo Locust GerudoLocust A valuable and hard-to-catch desert insect that will leap away when in danger. Desert Province
Skyloft Mantis SkyloftMantis A Skyloft insect that's fairly easy to catch. Its powerful forelimbs give a painful pinch. Skyloft
Lanayru Ant LanayruAnt A desert insect that is often found in swarms. Has a face that's so ugly it's cute. Lanayru Province
Eldin Roller EldinRoller A rare volcano-dwelling bug that rolls balls of refuse and decaying material to its burrow to consume later. Eldin Province

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