This page is for Kotuumath, fought as a boss. He is fought a total of three times during the Legend of Zelda: Return of Ganondorf.

Fight #1Edit

The first time Link battles Kotuumath is on the Bridge of Eldin. Kotuumath is in his substitute form, so he is referred to as "Matt Houku".

After Link defeats Matt, he (meaning Matt) falls off of the bridge. It looks like he dies, but...why would I kill off my favorite Zelda fan-char?


Difficulty: 2/5

Think of fighting Kotu-(I'm sorry)-Matt Houku, as fighting an armorless Darknut. One that can take more damage. Oh yeah, you can fall off the bridge, too. Other than that, this shouldn't be too tough of a fight.

Fight #2Edit

Link's second encounter with "Matt" is in the Sacred Temple. He's quite a bit harder than the last time, so be careful.


Difficulty: 4/5

You start off fighting him just like you did on the Bridge of Eldin. After he takes enough hits (about 7), he'll start using Magick slash attacks. When he does this, Link won't be able to get close enough to hit him without getting zorched. This is where the Hero's Bow (that you found in this temple) comes in.

L-target Matt and start walking away (he'll follow you), and wait for him to charge up a Magick slash (he'll stop moving here). When he attacks, quickly shoot him with an arrow (hopefully you're far enough away to not get hit). If successful, he'll be unable to move for a few seconds. Run in there and start slashing him. Repeat the process until he's defeated.

Fight #3 (Final)Edit

He's very very angry now, and wants nothing better than to kill Link. You've been warned. This is the second-hardest boss battle in Return of Ganondorf (the hardest being the Ganondorf fight).


Difficulty: 5/5

He's in his true form now, and thus uses far more attacks.

The first round starts with him hurling energy balls of a random Magick alignment at you. You can hit these back at him with your sword. But here's the kicker; whatever Magick alignment the energy ball was (Red for Fire, yellow for Thunder, grey for Wind, white for Holy and black for Dark) you must hit him again with an energy balls of that SAME alignment. Sounds confusing?

Say he threw an energy ball of Dark Magick (Shadow Ball) at you, and you hit it back to him. It hits him and he starts to glow with a black aura (Dark Magick). Then he fires an energy ball of Thunder Magick at you (its color is yellow) and you hit it back to him. This won't damage him. If you want to damage him, you must wait for him to throw another Shadow Ball at you, otherwise, the energy ball will just bounce off.

You must do this five times to go on to round two of the fight.

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