Overview Edit

The Boko Baba is carnivorous plant related to the Deku Baba. It inhabits Baba Buds to appear harmless, but when potential prey approaches, it springs out revealing its monstrous head. It hangs out its purple tipped, yellow tongue, and drools purple saliva as it attempts to devour its victims whole.

The Boko Baba has three methods of attack; a surprise attack when it first springs out of its bud, a simple bite or headbutt attack, and an attempt to consume its prey whole.

To kill the Boko Baba, one must attack it until it straightens its neck and then sever its head. Hitting it with a Hookshot item will straighten up its neck. The elastic head of the Boko Baba is also vulnerable to being utterly crushed to smitherines by large hammers.

When defeated, it leaves behind a Boko Stick, Boko Seeds, and a Boko Nut if the head was not crushed by a hammer.

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