Blazer Hawk
FEK Leaf
Who is this mysterious Blazer Hawk?
Aliases None
Counterpart(s) None
Timeline Base OoT Era
Age 14
Gender Male
Species Hylian?
Race/Tribe/Ethnicity Hylian?
Loyal To His friends, Himself
Hometown Unknown
Family/Clan Unknown
Weapons Energy Knives
Introduced In The Road Home
Stories Featured In The Road Home
Author(s) TheComingShadow

Blazer Hawk is young hero who has a mystery past...


His origins are unknown.

when he was fourteen years old, he left his home in the mountainous region, to go to a far of place (he later learned it was called Hyrule)

Less than an hour out of the village, he met Ca-Ju Anten.

The two began traveling to the kingdom of Hyrule, but encountered Bandits, they only made it out only because of a bit of help from The Last Stalfos: Shad.

Blazer and Ca-Ju began chasing Shad, but when they found him, they did battle.

Blazer Hawk is currently charging at Shad.


He can create energy knives with an unknown energy.


  • He likes windmills


The Road Home

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