Name: Argorok

Nick Names: Hero Of Courage, Deku Reject, Green General, Twili Guardian

Gender: Male

Species: Hylian

Age: LoR;13, LoR-NL,NR-TB-MR-MF;14

Weight: LoR;110lbs, LoR-NL,NR-TB-MR-MF, 120lbs

Height: LoR;5'4, LoR-NL,NR-TB-MR-MF; 5'6

DOB: 2nd Day Of Light

Birth Place: Hyrule; Kokiri Forest

Residence: Hyrule Castle

Occupation: Princess Linket's Bodyguard, Destroying Evil

Marital Status: None

Known Relatives: Aryll(Sister), Vio(Son), Farore(Mother), Relyt, Shadow(Brother) Darvus, Vio(Cousin), Grandma

Physical AppearanceEdit

Physical Description

Eye Color: Green

Eye Wear: None

Hair Style: Long, Dark brown hair with green streaks in it.

Bust: N/A

Waist: N/A


Shirt: Band Shirts Or Green Shirt with a Upside-Down Triforce

Pants: Black Or Blue Casual

Shoes: Regular boots or Black sport shoes

Socks: Black

Coat: Sweater with a Band Back patch


Necklace: A Wooden Wire with Animal Fang

Ring: None

Bag: None

Glasses/Contact container: None

Personal InformationEdit

Favorite Color: Green

Favorite Food: Pizza

Likes: Making Out With Saria, Skating with his Deku Slider, Adventure, Hot Bright Colored Hair Girls

Dislikes: Evil and Dark stuff

Favorite Activities: Helping Relyt With His Plans, Skating, Going To Shows

Least Favorite Activities: School, Anything Formal

Hobbies: Skating

Talents: Skating With His Deku Slidder, Archery

Strengths: Sword Fighting, Bow And Arrow, Boomerang, Girls,

Weakness: Smokin' Hot Or Unbelievably Cute Girls, Saria, Linket

Fears:Darkness Consuming Him And Hyrule, Dieing Alone, Loosing Saria or Linket

Rival: None

Enemies: Mido, Nayru, Din, Ganondorf, Onox, Ilia, Zant, Dark Hammer, Nightmare, Veran, Bellum

Friends: Darvus, Relyt, Vio, Saria, Ark, Stephani, Marie, Favii, Lena, Ramone, Malon, Linket, Gaizar, Aryll, Midna, Gigi, Alex, Zander, Vaati, Majora, Farore


More To Come


Epona, his Horse

Fighting StyleEdit


Weapons: Deku Leaf, Ocarina Of Time, Fierce Deity Sword, Boomerang, Hookshot, Triforce, Blue Hylian Shield, Master Sword, Deku Slidder

Back StoryEdit

Argorok is son of Farore and holder of The Triforce of Courage during the Triforce War. He has the ability to send Ganondorf to his grave. He posses the Master Sword and The Fierce Deity Sword. He became a general of an army that lead aerial attacks on the Ganondorf's Army. He, along with Darvus and Relyt, sealed Ganondorfs demise once and for all. He was heavily wounded, but survived the assault. He continued on his life. He soon married and had a baby named Vio, after his younger brother Vio who had died at the hands of a great evil. His son soon died to the same evil. He confronted the evil and lost his life as well, joining his son and two brothers in the after life, though he came to a surprise when he met Relyt there.

He too embarked various missions like his brother/cousin, Relyt. Though not as many as Relyt, he still defeated great evils. His grave is located in Kokiri Forest. His swords lie in Dragon Roost Island.

Time LineEdit

More To Come

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