Name:Andrea Felane

Nick Names:Kitty


Species:Hylian, Black Fairy

Age:13-14;RoD-RoDe, 15-16;RoT-RoA

Weight:70 lbs


DOB:October 31

Birth Place:Mother & Child Island

Residence:Mother Child Island - Traveling - Sky City

Occupation:Assistant Shatter

Martial Status:Serious Relationship

Known Relatives:Kayla(Mother), Darlene(Grandmother:Deceased), Maleecia(Sister)

Physical AppearanceEdit

Physical Description

Eye Color:Brown

Eye Wear:None, heavy eyeliner though

Hair Style:Emo style tease

Bust:B(I think thats how it works)

Waist:1(I think)


Shirt:Random Colored Shirts With Expressions, Logos and "Emotional" Band Names

Pants:Skin Tight Black or Light Blue Pants

Shoes:Simple Sport Shoes


Coat:A Black Hoodie


Necklace:A Silver Metallic String With A Pink and Black Diamond Heart At The Bottom


Bag:A Black Handbag

Personal InformationEdit

Favorite Color:Red And Green

Favorite Food:Candy Cane

Likes:Kitties, Watching Ty Suffer From Pranks, Emotional Bands, Biting Ty

Dislikes:Fighting, Watching Ty Kill, Watching Ty Receive Pain From Battle

Favorite Activities:Exploring Sky City

Least Favorite Activities:Going To The Frontline


Talents:Map Reading, Climbing, Making It Several Days Without Eating

Strengths:Clinging To Ty Or Jocelyn

Weakness:Candy Canes, Cookies, And Kitties

Fears:Dieing Without Ty Or Jocelyn


Enemies:Link, Zelda, Wesley

Friends:Ty, Jocelyn, David, Luna, Fonso, Septro, Ty's Army


More To Come


More To Come

Fighting StyleEdit

More To Come

Back StoryEdit

More To Come

Time LineEdit

More To Come

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