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Adventure 1 of The Legend of Zelda: Beyond Hyrule Edit

By Link of Ordon

Summary Edit

Water is a force that Link has encountered many times before, most notably in Zora's Domain and Lake Hylia, where water is the essence of the land. But, it had never actually been the land, unlike now. Hyrule has been flooded beyond belief. Lake Hylia is once again inaccessible, but this time because it it filled to the brim. The same is true for Zora's Domain and Zora's River, which have been filled to the top of the steep walls enclosing them. Even Snowpeak Mountain, with its freezing atmosphere, can do nothing to stop the flooding of the lower areas. Many parts of Hyrule Field have been covered in a deluge, and the kingdom is about to be transformed into a sea. It seems there is no hope for Hyrule. Or is there?

Adventure 1: Ruto - The Realm of Water Edit

Part 1: Floods in the Fields Edit

When Lake Hylia suddenly floods to the point that it touches the bridge above, the fate of the world rests in Link's hands...

Part 2: A New Vehicle Edit

After preparing the items gathered from previous quests, Link is granted a vehicle hidden for generations...

Part 3: Too Deep to Drown Edit

Link locates the capital of the Realm of Water, and finds that it is even wetter than usual...

Part 4: The Ocean's Master Edit

A briefing from the King of the Realm of Water sets link on his way to the Realm's Deity...

Part 5: Deity of the Downed Edit

Link frees the Deity of the Realm, and is told a legend handed down through generations...

Part 6: The Garden of the Riverbed Edit

As colourful as its name sounds, Link finds it to be far from that...

Part 7: The Hero Surfaces Edit

The King of the Realm thanks him personally, and hands Link an item that unleashes his inner self...

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