this is an article refering to the seven sages of the fan fic the legend of zelda knockall's wrath.

Fado Edit

Fado is a kokiri that lives in the village in the isador woods. He is a long time friend of Link despite the racial difference. He travels to the decku tree together with a troop of guards to awaken as the sage of friendship after he is told his destiny by the great decku tree of that era.

Rauru Edit

The high priest of the temple of time and the sage of light. He is one of the few beings that remembers the whispeared legend and actuly live through it. He is also one of the only sages that is aware he is a sage but is also aware that he can only awaken himself as a sage in the presence of a hero.

Link (of the Gorons) Edit

The only son of the goron elder Darunia. He is charged with dealing with most affirs in death mouthen since darunia has grown quite old and is elder in name only. He is eventuly awokened as the sage of strength.

La Ruto and Rio Edit

Both are of zora royalty and both have the poetential to become the sage of life. Rio is the king of zoras at the current time so it is up to la Ruto to become the next sage but she is unwilling as it would result in the destruction of an item dear to either her or her brother.

Shask Edit

Shask the only remaining Shiekah of the time is charged with guarding the royal family but fails when Selda is kidnapped. He travels to the well of kakriko village to stop the shadow but is defeated and only awakened as the sage of shadow when link suceedes.

Zelda Edit

The sage of royality. She is kidnapped by knockall and brought to the future early in the story making it dificult to awaken her as a sage.

Aveil Edit

The youngest (possably. Fado's age is never diclosed but the dialouge suggests he is the same age as link) of the sages. She is mysterously trying to sneak into the Gerudos fortress to aquire an item. Can link trust this strang youth?

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